Joseph E. Kean

Licensed in:


North Carolina



Joseph E. Kean Company

Joseph E. Kean Company helps to build and preserve wealth by providing property investment, tax-deferred exchange, and asset management services to a select clientele World wide.

Joseph E.kean Company focuses on building relationships with motivated clients who are interested in making a significant commitment to property investment.

This "relationship development" process takes time.  Like anything else worthwhile, effort is required to achieve a truly superior investment result.  We take the time to understand, not just your tangible financial situation but, why you invest.

Your investment needs are also determined by "intangible" factors such as:

Your stage in life;
Your current means and future need for income; and
Your tax and estate planning goals, and your asset protection concerns.

You do not invest in a vacuum. An investment in real property must comply with the totality of your investment program.

Joseph E. Kean Company can structure your property investment to conform to, and fortify your investment program and its objectives.