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Historically, investing in the future of America's best companies has been a key to building a fortune. Owning shares, or debt instruments, issued by these companies has been the method most frequently used.

Another way to build a fortune is to participate in the success of America's best companies by investing in the real estate from which they conduct their business.
Joseph E. Kean Company specializes in the sale of investment grade properties leased to America's best companies.

Start With Investment Grade Credit

In any investment, the income stream is the beginning point. The difference between investment and speculation is the Quantity, Quality, and Durability of the income stream. The contractual rent obligation of a tenant with a Standard & Poor rating of "BBB" or higher provides income security comparable to corporate bonds of similar grade but, at a higher rate of return.

Click here for detailed description of the credit classifications.

The lease agreements used for investments of this type usually provide for inflation protection not available with corporate bonds.

The possibility of the appreciation of the underlying real estate offers additional inflation protection and potential for increased gain at the time of sale.

Investment grade credit is of critical importance when seeking favorable, non-recourse, financing for these properties. This financing reduces your risk and increases your purchasing power.

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