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Some times the place where your business can make the most money is not the most secure place to invest the profits.

High-growth and emerging markets are often volatile. In trade or business, this creates opportunities for quick and impressive profits. But, volatility is a sword that cuts both ways! Profits can be lost as quickly as they were made. This is why we suggest that high income foreign nationals allocate a portion of their profits to becoming "landlords to America's best companies".

By making this prudent decision, you benefit because the value of your investment is denominated in the world's leading reserve currency, and located in a stable political environment. Furthermore, the income stream is guaranteed by the full faith and credit of one of the leading corporations in the world.

Because of the credit strength of the tenant, it is possible to obtain favorable financing, secured only by the credit of the tenant corporation. You will have no personal obligation for repayment under the financing covenants.

In some cases the taxation of the income from these properties is treated more favorably for foreign investors than for U.S. citizens. It is also worthwhile to explore opportunities to obtain U.S. residency status through investment in U.S. assets.

Through Joseph E. Kean Company, we have 27 years of experience in helping residents of foreign countries find safety in U.S. properties. We understand the special needs of foreign investors. If you are a serious investor who wishes to preserve your capital, we would like to know you. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our ideas with you or your representative.

Under every circumstance the complete confidentiality of our discussions is assured.

You may contact us by telephone, fax, Email, or by filling the contact form on our web site.

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